07 Feb 2016    GlennGregory
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TPN Nuibus 516.06.02

The Board of Terran Publishing Inc. announce today that Montgomery Walker has left the day to day duties as Chief Executive Officer of TPI for an indefinite leave of absence for personal reasons.

Karl Taunebaum, the current COO will take over as interim CEO. In the news conference Mr Taunenbaum stressed that this is a temporary situation but could give a definite time frame for Mr. Walker's return.

In a short statement that he read Mr. Taunenbam said,
"We as a corporation and organization owe much of the recent success to Mr Walker's time, determination and artful management of the corporation. Over the past decade he has created an organization that provides news, entertainment, books, music and data to the known galaxy. He has in fact taken TPI to be the first truly Galactic Corporation and I and all of us here at TPI will continue to do so as he steps aside for some time for himself and his family. I apologize for not taking questions today, but I promise I will hold a press briefing and take as many questions as I can in the near future. Thank you."

We attempted to contact Mr. Walker for a statement but could not reach him. We also reached out to Velvet Deancer Walker, but was told she was not available.

We would be remiss to not point out that there have e been rumors of trouble in the marriage of the famous pair and speculation that Montgomery Walker has been in the company of younger women. We have not been able to confirm the rumors but there is video of Mr Walker in company of younger women recently.

We will continue to report details as we can verify them.

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