10 Nov 2014    e107
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"If you're joining us late in the programme, we would like to remind you that this is a special broadcast being broadcasted live to you on all our hyperchannels. This is Earth Galactic News Network. The Rosebourg Monarchy has confirmed that Kitoko Superior has fallen into Gohorn hands, this marks the first major defeat being announced by the Rosebourg Monarchy since the defence lines were originally broken through at the border. So I repeat, this just in Earth Galactic News Network receiving official confirmation from the Rosebourg Monarchy that Kitoko Superior has fallen into Gohorn hands. We join live at the Rosebourg Embassy here on Earth, spokesman Princo is just delivering a message on behalf of the Rosebourg Monarchy."

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. As you probably have already heard, Rosebourg forces engaged early this morning Gohorn troops advancing on Kitoko Superior. All forces on Kitoko Superior were mobilised for this event, and additionally a task force led by our flagship the R.M.R.S. Agelan were deployed in order to meet the Gohorn advance. The first elements of the Agelan Task Force withdrew several hours later, reporting up to 80% losses of its original elements. The Rosebourg Monarchy is unable at this time to make any estimates as regards to losses. But one thing is certain, we will prevail. Thank you."

"You heard it live on Earth Galactic News Network, a very dark day for the Rosebourg Monarchy and for the Terran Democratic Republic as well, the Rosebourg Monarchy announcing that Kitoko Superior has indeed fallen in the hands of the enemy. We've brought in a military expert, former Secretary General Paris of the Joint Council of Terran-Rosebourg Defence, thank you for being here, Secretary General."

"Thank you."

"What does the loss of Kitoko Superior signal for the coming months?"

"Well, I don't think we can really how bad it is... but it is a crucial victory for the Gohorns and a very difficult defeat for the Rosebourg Monarchy. The loss of Kitoko Superior and a huge portion of the available and I might add the only task force standing in the way of the Gohorns is simply disastrous. It's clear that there have been some major mistakes made on the Rosebourg side, and I think we can only sit and pray and hope that it doesn't lead to a Rosebourg total defeat."

"Do you think this is a possibility?"

"No one expected Kitoko Superior to fall... much less to fall so quickly, so I think anything is possible. The Rosebourgs were taken totally by surprise and this is being shown by the overall weakness of their lines."

"Do you think there is anything the Terrans can do to help?"

"I'm afraid this is entirely up to the Rosebourgs to handle this. We will have to cross our fingers."

"Thank you, Secretary General Paris... If you're joining us late in this programme, let me remind you the headline... this just in, the Rosebourg Monarchy has declared that Kitoko Superior has just fallen into enemy hands. This is a major news event, and we'll be sure to follow all developments very closely. So stick around with us after the commercials."
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