21 Mar 2016    Cherokee21
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It is with great distress that the so-called, 'Buhaat Conglomerate' has allied itself with the Terrans. The greatest dishonor these terrorists dispose of, is the lie of the death of their culture by Gohorn hands. In fact, as we all now here in the Directorate, they themselves have always been a nomadic species, manipulated into the mold of tyranny by majority.

Vidus Zajik, a prime example of the hate that spreads in the cosmos, infecting everything that he touches. A false charm to sway public opinion of pro-Buhaat Terrans into a future in death.

His lies must be ignored, for the benefit of Gohorn pride, and for the victory that we shall grasp soon enough.

As told by our Regent Admiral Zulkjara,

We mustn't let an extremist group threaten and demean our empire. They are few, and we are many. They'll soon understand how all their blackmail has been for nothing,

[Submitted by Cherokee21]
Posted on: Gohorn Military Briefs
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