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Jar'Velakor Military Command, Gohorn Prime (504.06.03: 03rd June 2504) - The Gohorn Velakor's senior command has announced the commencement of Operation Forceful Derailment, a military operation that aims to stop human convoys to the Neutral Worlds.

These convoys, Intelligence has confirmed, is nothing more than a human ploy to prepare these worlds to become staging grounds for the UN Permanent Peacekeeping Force.

The Velakor have proclaimed that it is in the military interests of the Directorate as well as the general interests of the Neutral Worlds concerned that any attempts by humans to make these worlds unwisely join the war be thwarted.

"The Terrans," the Velakor announcement proclaimed, "wish to involve as many people as possible in what should have been a simple war. They wish to turn this war into a real blood bath. It is the Velakor's intentions to ensure that the innoncent bystanders aren't involved as part of Terran blackmail."
The Velakor announcement has been supported by an OIP paper which has pointed the Terrans as regularly violating OIP rules of conduct concerning war.

The Velakor have ordered patrol boats in striking range of illicit Terran convoys to the Neutrals Words to engage them. The Velakor's command, however, has made it clar that Velakor military forces were to allow surving convoy personnel to escape from their ships before destroy the vessels. Likewise, Velakor command has added, the convoys targetted by the patrol boats must carry the Terran flag. Velakor Command confirmed that it wouldn't make any sense for neutral convoys to be treated to the same fate, since this is precisely why Operation Forceful Derailment is being put in place.

Operation Forceful Derailment commences today and will continue until the Terrans back down from their attemps, the Velakor asserted. The increased resources the UNPPF will need to protect their wretched convoys will surely mean a major increase of costs related to the war effort for the Terrans assuring a swifter Gohorn victory in this war.

GMB 20:55 504.06.03

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