09 Nov 2014    AlexTPerry
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Jar'Velakor, Gohorn Prime (504.07.07) - War Admiral Aman has announced that Regent Admiral Atrix finally authorised the invasion of the Rosebourg Monarchy.

Orders have been issued to the Combat Fleets along the Rosebourg border and already our mighty Velakor is advancing.

The decrepit Rosebourg Monarchy is not expected to resist, internal difficulties and long-running economic troubles have left it weak and vulnerable.

Aman pronounced:
"The War of Exercises along the Rosebourg front has ended. Regent Admiral Atrix, after repeated urging from the Gohorn Jar'Velakor Military Command has deemed the time now right for our glorious conquest of the Rosebourgs. Previously, our assets had been tied up on the Terran front, but the maelstrom of our victory as we crush the Terrans has allowed the Velakor to commit more forces to the Rosebourg invasion."

Already, attacks are underway against Rosebourg outposts and military assets, of which there were few.

Jar'Velakor expects the Rosebourg Monarchy to have lost large portions of its territory within three months. The added economic strain on a 'Hot War,' will cause its citizens to revolt and its government to collapse by the end of the year, isolating the Terran Democratic Republic and providing more resources for the Directorate.

"The Rosebourg government is weak. We can easily overcome their barbaric feudal system. Their ships are small and lightly armed and their people restless. Their unity is falling apart, and their King is a weak fool who does not understand how to run his Palace, let alone his Monarchy. Their planets will make fine additions to the Gohorn Directorate."

GMB 15:36 504.07.07

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