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Jar'Velakor, Gohorn Prime (504.07.08) - The forces of Regent Admiral Atrix have been performing extremely well in their first day of operations inside Rosebourg territory, reports from the front say.

Forces have broken through Rosebourg lines at several locations and were beginning a sprint towards the Rosebourg Monarchy's Kitoko Superior star system.

Having faced very little opposition, the forces of the Rosebourg Monarchy quaked at our entry into their territory, with Rosebourg wolfpacks dispersing within minutes.

Our forces success means that we will take Kitoko Superior within several days, there is very little opposition on the planet, and it is expected the Monarchy will not be able to mount a succesful counterattack.

Analysis from Rosebourg news services show that the Monarchy isn't expected to be able to mount a counterattack for several weeks, giving us free range to capture as many border territories as we wish.

"Regent Admiral Atrix's troops have done even better than we expected," a spokesman for War Admiral Aman explained, "We will not doubt reward the troops if they are able to make it to Grace Minoris before the year's end."

War Admiral Aman's spokesman added that a message was delivered to the troops encouraging them to see Grace Minoris as their goal for this year.

Should they succeed, they would be amply rewarded by the Jar'Velakor.

Early reports suggest that while the Monarchy has lost two warships in the initial assault, the Directorate has lost none.

As the troops move towards Kitoko Superior, they are certain that victory will be there's in the very near future.

GMB 15:36 504.07.08

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