10 Nov 2014    AlexTPerry
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Hagad, Gohorn Border (504.09.14) - The defence forces of Combat Admiral Jamrots have defeated a Terran sting-operation incursion force that penetrated from Neutral Space.

Meant to destroy the Research Facility orbiting Hagad's second planet, the Terrans found themselves outmatched by Combat Admiral Jamrots, despite their superior numbers.

It has been determined that the Terran incursion fleet were harboured by one of the races of the Nalnath Cluster, though which race was responsible has yet to be determined.

Chief Saljak has already publically stated that when the Directorate determines who is responsible, they will feel the full wrath of the Gohorn Directorate.

The flagship of the Terran fleet, the U.N.S.S. Republic was crippled and boarded during the engagement.

However, the Terran Commander, one Commodore Yelek Nakhim, committed suicide before our forces could capture him and bring him properly to trial.

The hulk of the Republic, as well as that of the Hartsfield, Stettinius and the Kindersley and the 1,345 crewmen who were captured aboard those vessels will be returned to the Gohorn home world as trophies of war.

Seven other Terran starships were destroyed in the battle.

Work at the research facility, one of several collaborating in producing the next generation of Gohorn warships, the Dezadrel Class, continued uninterrupted.

Combat Admiral Jamrots is to be celebrated for his achievement by a posting to the front-lines, and tasked with taking over the Ojkol Offensive.

GMB 19:05 504.09.14

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