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UNPPF Headquarters (Cairo, Egypt), Earth, Sol (505.06.03: 3rd June 2505) - Starport Nuribis has the unusual privilege of being the only sector of space where Rosebourg, Gohorn, and Terran warships still co-exist peacefully.

It is the only starport where military troops from both sides of the war have clear orders not to engage in combat with one another. It is a pact both sides have been willing to make in order to maintain Nuribis as a safe zone.

It is a pact both sides have expressed a real committment to uphold. Nuribis was in peace time an important base for maintenance, repair, logistic support and coordination.

This is a role that Nuribis still continues to play in war time, the major powers having found no suitable replacement on either side of the fence.

Nearly 20% of Terran military resources pass through Nuribis before being redeployed to the fronts.

The Monarchy's growing contributions to support Terran positions on the fronts also overwhelmingly pass via the Starport.

This has turned the continued neutrality of the Starport, and the strict acceptance of this neutrality of great strategic importance for the Terran-Rosebourg alliance.Starport Nuribis' economy continues to boom despite fears the war would cut commercial links with its biggest customers.

It has in fact allowed Nuribis to triumph over its nearby Rosebourg and Terran competitors by giving it a monopolistic edge as the only neutral base around.

Expenditures made by the major powers whilst they conduct the war have grown exponentially.

The economic portfolio now accounts for 40% of all commercial activities on the Starport.

Needless to say, a large number of jobs dependent on the large continued military presence of the major powers.

Some say as many as 3000 jobs are directly or indirectly dependent on the major powers' militaries staying around and continuing to use the Starport as the safest support base.

Yet, the OIP PeaceForce Appropriations Committee is considering changing this situation drastically.

A report linking racial tension to the presence of so-called belligerent nations' military forces has recommended starships from nations engaged in war should be banned from enjoying OIP facilities' services.

In other words, the report has recommended Rosebourg, Gohorn, and Terran warships be given the boot.

The Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds (LMC), keen to stretch its muscles after having unsuccessfully stopped the war's commencement several years ago, is lead amongst the OIP members urging the OIP to follow the recommendations of the report.

The LMC is in effect the largest remaining voting bloc of the OIP aside from the Monarchy and it may very well get its way.

The Architects, other heavyweight of the OIP, usually abstain from politically sensitive dossiers. However, this time around, they have announced their intentions to support the report's recommendations - a move which has taken many by surprise.

The move to adopt unusually strong positions both by the LMC and the Architects means that the ban could very well see the light of day.

Rosebourg and Terran officials have met in urgency - understanding that losing Nuribis as an access point could spell disaster for their war effort.

The Rosebourg diplomatic machinery - the only one still active within the OIP structures - is deploying in a last ditch effort to get non-aligned states to vote against the report, but it may be too late.

The Terran Democratic Republic says it is studying all options - including a number of military ones.
We have no choice but to ensure the safety of our supply routes with the Monarchy and Nuribis is a central element to that plan, we certainly hope a diplomatic solution will be found.
A military spokesman for the UNPPF explained.

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