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Forest of Harmony (OIP Home), Narimbar II (505.02.05: 05th February 2505) - Belligerents of the war are on the whole respecting the OIP Accord on Civilian Neutrality which reaffirms the principles stating civilian liners are not viable military targets.

However, with the number of escorts dropping dramatically, the number of pirate attacks on cruise liners has increased sensitively.

The number of recorded attacks has jumped to 112 around Starport Nuribis alone - an increase of 100%.

The Monarchy has recorded 224 about average for this time of year, the Republic recorded a whopping 1230 attacks (an increase of almost 800%), the Confederacy 331, and the Gohorn Directorate 220.

The Republic whose troops are now massively deployed to hold the line simply cannot assure the protection of civilian travel on the traditional civilian routes.Accords which made the campaign effective, including the permission of starships to cross border in order to catch pirates, have been rendered null and void. Likewise, the number of starships whose mission task is devoted to chasing pirates has dropped by almost 70% in the belligerent states.

"It's a worrying report that we are publishing. Member nations of the OIP must realise that this is yet another negative effect of the ongoing war. The entire OIP Campaign Against Pirates is being lost."
OIP Rapporteur Jenning stated.

Indeed, it is the first time since the campaign was put in place that the numbers of pirate attacks have risen.

The OIP is clearly dismayed and has demanded OIP members stop all hostilities against one another. This led to the Gohorn Directorate threatening to recall their Mission.

The OIP Assembly voted, in absence of the belligerent states, a censure accusing the belligerents of undermining the institution and of being generally bad examples. OIP projects are numerous in feeling the impact of the loss of the major powers' support for the OIP.

"It isn't just the Campaign Against Piracy that's losing ground, we're losing ground on loads of others,"
One senior OIP diplomat said.

Lead amongst them, analysts say, is the campaign against some of the most virulent ISCDs (Intra-Species Contagious Diseases). Funding of medical research programmes sponsored by the OIP has dropped by one-third.

Likewise the fight for poverty has lost 75% of its financial fighting strength.

The OIP is becoming increasingly impotent as the war drags on. More and more ambassadors are calling for the general suspension of the main culprits.

It would be the first time since the OIP was created, that its biggest financers would be equally considered its biggest under-miners.

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