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Starport Nuribis Orbital (Starport Nuribis), Narimbar IV (504.06.29: 29th June 2504) - Starport Nuribis published its police reports earlier today. While petty theft and disorderly conduct related offences are down, there has been sensitive rises in other troubling areas. Nuribis, being a neutral Starport close to the war fronts, still has a high traffic coming from both the T.D.R. and the G.D. As a result of the war, Nuribis security officials admit, hate crime related offences have risen by 30%.

The report has been declared positive overall, saying Nuribis security officials have outperformed themselves in comparison to other years. Indeed, of the 2314 new cases being taken care of by security officials this year, nearly 40% of them have already been resolved.

This is a 4-point improvement on recent years. For the past 3 years, security officials tended to resolve 35% of cases by the end of the first 6-month period.

The report, however, criticises the reaction of Nuribis Civil Protection with regards to the effect the war is having on race relations at the Starport.

"The war has enflamed tensions between Terran and Gohorn citizens and to a lesser extent Rosebourg and Gohorn citizens. Security forces have been ill trained to deal with this new reality. With security forces reacting too slowly when the potential for racially motivated conflict arise, many incidents have been allowed to go too far."
The report has urged the security leadership to be more sensitive and aware of the tensions that are prevailing as a result of the war.

In response to the publication, Starport Nuribis' Civilian Administration has already ordered that the welcome message given by Flight Operations Managers to all ships docking with Nuribis remind of the neutrality of the Starport.

Guests and residents are invited in the new message to refrain from enticing and otherwise participating in activities that unduly increase tensions on the Starport.

How effective this measure will be remains to be seen although the Starport promises other actions to curb hate-related crimes.

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