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Forest of Harmony (O.I.P. Home), Narimbar II (505.05.29: 29th May 2505) - Fleet Captain Mobutu Tutu, Commanding Officer of Starport Nuribis, has been convened in a special meeting of the PeaceForce Appropriations Committee in order to discuss the current situation on Starport Nuribis.

A widely circulated report delivered yesterday at the Narimbar Embassies speaks of an unprecedented rise in racial violence on the Starport. Fleet Captain Mobutu Tutu, has been highly critical of the OIP's lack of reaction to the rise of violence on his Starport and says his crew has been ill-equipped to deal with the protagonists most involved in the increase of violence.

Architect Deputy Ambassador Latoos, says the Dividian motion to invite Fleet Captain Mobutu Tutu is simply a matter of getting the best information from the front.

The increase of racially-motivated hate crimes on the Starport is of great concern to the PeaceForce Appropriations Committee, we've established Starport Nuribis to be a Starport of peace, one where interracial exchanges are promoted and made safe. The Fleet Captain can better tell us if this is actually the case in Starport Nuribis. We're considering, as well, putting an Architect motion for the Captains of other smaller OIP starports to come to the Committee and discuss their observations. It's very important for the Architect government to ensure that the remaining OIP facilities remain symbols of the OIP's greatest aspiration: One of intergalactic peace and cultural understanding and exchange.
Architect Deputy Ambassador Latoos was quoted.

The report that lies in the background of this convocation was commissioned by the non-governmental organisation A Galaxy for Peace and Cultural Understanding," the report says that the increase of racially-motivated violence on Starport Nuribis has increased by as much as 30% in just this year, and that this is only the latest increase in a worrying trend.

The trend, the report says, began exactly when the war between the Terran-Democratic Republic and the Gohorn Directorate began. It has only been exasperated by the Rosebourg decision to join the war.

The report is recommending that the OIP remove, for the time being, the presence of war materiel on what should be a starport of peace as well as the soldiers which are currently participated in activities which are in clear conflict with the OIP charters.

The report isn't falling on deaf ears, the Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds is saying it is studying the report very closely with hopes of garnering enough internal support to deliver a strong response.

The Architects say they are appalled by the report and will, as a result, take a proactive role in the debates within the PeaceForce Appropriations Committee.

The Committee is often tasked with discussing matters relating to the operations of the OIP-governed Starports. In general, it followed the objectives of ensuring free access to the Starport, but the report may, for the first time in the Committee's history, lead to a change in objectives.

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