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Forest of Harmony (O.I.P. Home), Narimbar II (505.06.10: 10th June 2505) - A greater number of eyes were on Narimbar this morning as the OIP PeaceForce Appropriations Committee held its awaited meeting to discuss the recommendations of what has become a hotly debated report.

The report, produced by NGO A Galaxy for Peace and Understanding, seems set to be approved by the PeaceForce Appropriations Committee despite an ever growing campaign against the report.

The campaign is being led by the Rosebourg Monarchy and the business lobby on Starport Nuribis who both see the effects of a ban on warships from the major powers as a suicide decision for the interests of Starport Nuribis.

The Rosebourg Monarchy, the Terran Democratic Republic, and to a lesser extent the Gohorn Directorate have all also expressed their reticence over the plans, seeing it as a means to punish the major powers.The OIP PeaceForce Appropriations Committee is traditionally composed of the ten largest contributors to the PeaceForce composition, six rotating representatives from the General Assembly, as well as an honorary seat for the Architects as a sign of respect to their great dream.

Since the beginning of the war between the Terran Democratic Republic and the Gohorn Directorate, the composition of the Committee has changed drastically.

A number of the LMC's allies have been able to sit on the PeaceForce Appropriations Committee, and all are eager to flex their muscles.

The Rosebourg Monarchy, still the largest contributor to PeaceForce has blocked attempts to directly involve PeaceForce in the Gohorn-Terran conflict.

Despite criticisms that the Monarchy is not a neutral participant in the conflict and thus should refrain from voting, the Monarchy has continued to act as if all was normal.

The debate in the Committee was vivid as the Rosebourg Monarchy's position was defended by Ambassador Vinedinevianne who expressed that the report had clearly produced a number of recommendations that were unrealistic and unacceptable to the Rosebourg Monarchy.

She urged her fellow delegates to heed the warnings of the business lobby on Starport Nuribis and that the Committee shouldn't be making decisions that sent hundreds, even thousands of employees to jobless situations.

The Monarchy likewise implicitly accused the Luna Minoris Confederacy of using the situation in order to benefit its own trading ports - and that its position wasn't motivated by a genuine desire to reduce racially motivate hate crimes on the Starport, but was motivated by commercial desires.

The Luna Minoris Confederacy, on the other hand, supported the report's findings.

In the voice of Ambassador Xee-Jay, said that it was necessary to ensure the safety of Nuribis' civilians first and that the presence of warships engaged in war smacked of hypocrisy.
We cannot let one set of OIP member states live by one set of moral values and another set live by another code simply because they are so-called major powers. We must ensure that we all are equally treated, and those who engaged in activities that are against the OIP's code should know well that they can expect serious consequences.

In the end, the Luna Minoris Confederacy's point of view prevailed, in the final voting: 10 votes in favour and 7 votes against, the OIP PeaceForce Appropriations Committee agreed to follow the recommendations made by the report.

It was expected that in a few days, the new operational orders would be delivered to Fleet Captain Mobutu Tutu. The business lobby, on the other hand, has promised additional strikes.

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