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Starport Nuribis Orbital (Starport Nuribis), Narimbar IV (505.06.07: 7th June 2505) - In a surprise announcement, The Forum of Peaceful Economics, one of the original signatories of the report issued by A Galaxy for Peace and Understanding has indicated that they are considering withdrawing their support for the report.

The Leethran based NGO is publicly complaining of the refusal of A Galaxy for Peace and Understanding to publish a minority report critical of the "expulsion of belligerents" recommendations.

This recommendation was the most prominent of the remedies put forward in the report.Speaking through an interpreter, Hroph Soor spoke for the Forum.
We sincerely regret the need for this independent action. Let us be clear, we agree that the increase in violence and racism can be traced to the War. We stand with the other signatories on that point. It is with the remedies that The Forum of Peaceful Economics disagrees. It is unfortunate that A Galaxy for Peace and Understanding have steadfastly refused to publish a minority report expressing the reasons for our reservations about the draconian remedy being held out as a unanimous choice of all the participants in the report. This simply is not true. The Forum maintains that this remedy will not punish the belligerents, but punish rather the very locations it purports to assist. 'The Expulsion' option will throw many innocent hard working people out of work with little hope of finding replacement jobs. Additionally, the report speaks not at all to the issue of commercial traffic from the belligerents. The case can easily be made that these spacecraft are part of the war effort. The disinclination to address this results in what The Forum feels is a drastic understatement of the impact of the 'expulsion' solution. Rather than the loss of 3,000 jobs on Starport Nuribis for example, taken to the logical end the estimation of 24,000 jobs lost is more in line of the economic impact. The understatement by a factor of eight recently published, left The Forum no choice but to break with this noble endeavor and publish the alternative conclusion and recommendation.

The Forum does understand that there must be a penalty for the Billigerents and suggests that special 'War Tax' or 'War Surcharge' be added to the costs of the Warring Factions. This recommendation has the superior position of punishing the actual source of the problem, namely: The Terrans, The Rosebourg Monarchy and The Gohorn Directorate, instead of the Starports that are being torn apart by this circumstance.

We wish to state again the regret of The Forum of Peaceful Economics to have to take this unpleasant step. We wish to repeat our association with and support for the report. We, however, feel it necessary to disassociate ourselves with the crude and ham hocked approach to the remedy included in the report.

We will distribute The Minority Report as we submitted it to the committee.

The text of the minority report follows:

The Forum of Peaceful Economics stands behind the findings of the report laying the blame for this unfortunate increase in violence and hatred at the feet of the perpetrators, Specifically, The Terran Democratic Republic, The Rosebourg Monarchy and The Gohorn Directorate. These parties must assume the responsibility for this despicable trend. We wholeheartedly endorse this premise.

We at The Forum of Peaceful Economics, however, cannot in good conscience agree to the only remedy put forth by the report. That is the expulsion of the offending parties form OIP sanctioned locations. This is in our minds a case of killing the patient to cure the disease. If the report is adopted as is and the remedy inflicted, the punishment will be not on The Warring Factions but rather on the Starports victimized by the increasing violence.

We draw this conclusion based on the following:

  • There is no clear understanding of what constitutes a warship. Historically, any ship carrying or "capable of carrying" war making resources is designated a combatant. This serves to understate the financial impact that would be visited on the Starports.
  • The expulsion of the Warring Groups does not guarantee a change in their reluctance to sit with mediators. Indeed, the rhetoric has backed up our conclusion here.
  • The failure to allow the minority alternative serves to isolate rather than to facilitate. This report and the adoption of its hard-core remedy will not stop the War and will instead, render the neutral parties less potent to negotiate with the disputing parties.

Instead, we at The Forum of Peaceful Economics suggest this alternative: A surcharge or tax amounting to 60% for military craft designed to fight in battles and 30% for commercial based spacecraft. It is the feeling of The Forum of Peaceful Economics, that this alternative addresses the aforementioned concerns and lays the punishment on the parties that deserve them.

It is important for us to point out that The Forum of Peaceful Economics does not wish to be seen as providing political or any other kind of cover for the offending parties and we feel as the others in the report, that if they, the offending parties, would simply cease hostilities and negotiate in good faith, this matter would be resolved quickly and the Galaxy could return to the productive progress enjoyed in the years running up to The War.

Submitted respectfully as an alternative.

The Forum of Peaceful Economics

The most pleasantly surprised recipient of this news conference will be the OIP delegation representing The Rosebourg Monarchy. Their office quickly issued a statement:
We are gratified to see alternatives to the counterproductive and draconian solution suggested by this report. We steadfastly reject the underlying premise of the report and while we have reservations about this suggested solution, we are certainly going to look at it as a possible place to start talks in committee.
The lead NGO A Galaxy for Peace and Understanding has not returned our calls at this point.

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