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Starport Nuribis Orbital (Starport Nuribis), Narimbar IV (504.07.28: 28th July 2504) - Starport Nuribis' Civilian Administration is considering forming a committee that would have as its mission statement to create a Starport Nuribis Festival.

The Festival, which would be held in the winter months of Narimbar, would be primarily a festival of music and multicultural experience.

Expected to cost somewhere around 2.000.000 Confederacy Credits, the Civilian Administration would sponsor 50% of the costs, while the rest would be covered by sponsors from the private sector.The Starport Nuribis Festival would last an entire week, with musicians exhibiting their musical prowesses on the Shoppers' Boulevard.

Most of the events would be organised in the evening after civilians have finished their work shifts.

Music from all of the OIP's major powers, as well as a multitude of the OIP's minor powers would also be exhibited.

The Festival would have a different theme each year.

The Committee's members have already been selected, the elite from the Shoppers' Boulevard have been asked and most have accepted.

Likewise, several Consuls (including most noteably Consul Remarque of the Rosebourg Monarchy) have agreed to observe the Committee's proceedings.

The Committee will be chaired by Starport Nuribis' Executive Officer, who says she will campaign hard for the first festival to be organised under the theme of "multicultural

Several bars have already expressed interest in sponsoring the Festival, and several big corporations have likewise expressed interest including several tourist agencies that have been looking for ways to make Starport Nuribis an even more exciting place to visit during the winter months.

If succesful, the Festival will become a looked-forward-to event on Nuribis' calender.

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