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From throughout the Galaxy TPINS is bringing you News you can use: Today The race for for the Top Executive's spot in The LMC.

Saloroa Bauhon and Funtath Wouvaw, two well known names in Luna Minoris politics are the two leading contestants for the newly created Office of High President of The Luna Minoris Confederacy.

The two names stand out from the field of 12 that have filed and are running for the position, as the probable victors in the election slated for 504.12.24.

Bauhon was seen as the clear favorite until the recent entry of LMC hero Wouvaw....The best and most likely reason according to multiple sources in and out of the LMC, is that there was a disagreement as to how the LMC government should be created, specifically, how the smaller systems would have representation and now that disagreement has developed into a battle for the future of the LMC government.

Bauhon is popular due to his hard work in getting the Confederacy recognized in The OIP.

Wouvaw is well known for his amazing work in The LMC, cleaning many nests of pirates and criminals out of The Confederacy.

One would expect this to not have clear leader in the race, however, this is not the case, Wouvaw is showing a sizeable double digit lead at the last poll taken by Galactic Resources.

The poll shows the following numbers: Wouvaw 46%, Bauhon 24%, Thack, 7%, Ajyx 2% Others 1%, Undecided 20%.

It appears if the lead grows for Wouvaw any more, he will be running unopposed for all intents and purposes.

Leaders in the Terran Democratic Republic have little official to say, citing the need to be "uninvolved in the democratic process of another Race."

Privately, many in the TDR, see Bauhon as the best hope to keep the Confederacy from fragmenting, while some in the Rosebouirg Monarchy see Wouvaw as a leader reluctant to intervene in system affairs and likely to defer to those systems' desires, not the preferred way to interface in border conflicts like the Jul II Peacekeeping mission, that the Monarchy desperately wants to maintain.

Wouvaw has backed the plan for a legislative chamber where each system has an equal vote, similar to The TDR's Senate.

Speaking on terms of anonymity, a leading Trade Representative from the TDR said:

"While Wouvaw is most appealing to Terrans in his admiration and inclination to adopt a more Democratic Type of Confederacy, Bauhon is a proven leader, who can be counted on to bring the Confederacy into the world of trade in the Galaxy."

There have been several similar behind-the-scenes statements being released to the LMC voters, but evidently, they seem have had little or no effect.

Just 131 days out from the elections, Wouvaw's lead seems almost insurmountable.

When the campaign for Wouvaw was contacted, Wouvaw himself responded and said:

"We take nothing for granted. Saloroa Bauhon is a hardworking campaigner and the numbers could tighten at any time. Saloroa and I are veterans of many campaigns and I expect him to start in earnest soon. We have been busy getting our message out, that The Confederacy needs to be a very open and diverse culture and to maintain this wonderful asset, we must foster and enhance that diversity. To do that, the Confederacy must defer to the systems whenever it can. It seems my esteemed colleague, the President of the Luna Minoris System, disagrees and wants to see a great deal of power concentrated on Taurii. We hope in December that the numbers show we have the better philosophy."

The direct response from the candidate himself is refreshing. Most campaigns are simply issuing statements or press releases. If something does not change soon in this race, We suspect that Funtath Wouvaw will be inaugarated as the first High President of The Luna Minoris Confederacy.

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