10 Nov 2014    e107
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Forest of Harmony (OIP Home), Narimbar II (505.05.28: 28th May 2505) - We now have confirmed an unprecedented meeting of the Architect Funael or Executive Council.

Perhaps unprecedented may be too strong of a word but it has not happened since the OIP has was officially instituted.

TPINS has been in contact with all major powers here in the OIP and it is obvious that these big players are as much in the dark as we are.

Speculation is running towards some action to be taken against one or more of the belligerents. That sort of action could run anywhere from a notice of censure up to sanctions against the party or parties.

However, some believe that an announcement in a change in the leadership in The Architect Council is a more likely scenario.

What ever the reason for the meeting it has certainly , drawn the attention of the Galaxy's news organizations and governments everywhere.

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