About New Worlds Project


We’re creative people tinkering on a vision of the future

Welcome to New Worlds Project. A project that unlocks people’s creative potential – including yours!

We support our members to produce anthologies, original artwork, and musical arrangements using a single common setting as our inspiration.

We’re an open community of content generators, dreaming about the future together.

We’re using science-fiction, collaborative writing, game-based methods like role-playing, and project teams to bring together different art forms working to achieve a unique vision of the future.

Together, we are building the next science-fiction saga, and you’re welcome to join us!


On the Internet since 2001, rebooted in 2013

Conceived in 2001, and first launched to the public in 2003, we’re an award-winning project made possible by the contributions of amateur and professionals alike. The project was rebooted in 2013 driven by our desire to move further ahead with this saga.

The initiative is managed by the New Worlds Project non-profit association, an incorporated entity in Belgium and the United States whose objective is to build creative communities like this one.


360⁰ Creativity – be the co-producer of our sci-fi saga

From start to finish and back again, we aim to support your 360⁰ creative potential:


120⁰ Dream…

Our common setting offers the framework to unleash your creative potential, connecting everything we produce together. It is fed by the community who continually produce new inspiration, supporting and enriching your creative project in turn.


240⁰ Produce…

Whether it be through our collaborative fiction writing platforms, our role-playing game boosters, or our project teams, we support your productive process by putting you in touch with peers that help you to finish your project.


360⁰ Publish…

We take what you produce to the next level, publishing creative works finished in a 365-day period. These are sold in our shop and via our partners – some of the earnings come straight back to you! Everything produced also becomes part of the framework, helping others to dream up the next elements of our saga. This is 360⁰ Creativity.