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Open and collaborative

At New Worlds Project, we are committed to offering an open and collaborative space where different creative minds can express themselves, limited only by the boundaries of the setting that serves as our common thread. Our community welcomes contributions from individuals wishing to explore their creativity.


Global and creative

Our global community welcomes artists from the four corners of the world, and also from all the different art forms, whether a writer, a graphic artist, or a musician, the New Worlds Project is a great space for you to get your works seen and heard, to get peer reviewed, and to get published.


Inspirational and Inspired

The New Worlds Project setting has served as the starting point for countless stories, visual art, and musical arrangements. You too can use the setting and every production as an inspirational platform to contribute to the setting, thereby turning your inspiration into the inspirational base of others.


Fun and Rewarding

New Worlds Project isn't only about nourishing your creative imagination, it also offers an opportunity to get published and earn royalties if you're a paid Premium Member. As a Premium Member, you can also commission art work to further support your creative process. Not keen on spending money? Regular members and premium members earn points for contributing to the New Worlds Project which can redeemed in our virtual shop to further personalise your web experience.


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8bFree access to collaborative project spaces!
8cEarn points to play with in the Points Shop!
8dYour finished projects published in our anthologies!
8eEarn royalties on your contributions to the anthologies!
8fAttractive fees to commission artists to draw your characters!
8h25% discount on all products of our online shop!

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